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Imagine the future;

Fathom Forward.

About Us



Our Story

Fathom Forward, Inc. was created to serve as an incubator and catalyst for the development and practical implementation of product design concepts using various technologies, materials, and processes. 


We bring new and exciting consumer goods and services to market by solving human problems with strategy, data, and creativity.  Our multi-disciplined development teams work together to create products and brands that provide customer satisfaction and sustained return on investment.

Who We Are

Founding partner, Jason Winters, earned a Bachelor of Science from Penn State University, and a Master of Engineering with a focus on Biomedical Engineering from the University of Florida.  Early in his career, he designed aerospace and satellite communications hardware for multiple government agencies. Later, he designed brain activity monitoring systems and neural implants.  He is a pioneer in the field of IoT with eight related technology patents.  Having founded the first and longest running IoT platform, ioBridge, he designed the cloud architecture and embedded technology used today to connect millions of devices.

Co-Founder, Jason Scott, earned a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Auburn University.  He focused the early part of his career on designing and engineering retail merchandising solutions for multiple international brands in consumer electronics, cosmetics, food/beverage, sporting goods, pharmaceuticals and DIY.  He went on to lead commercial activities in various packaging, advertising, and retail display industries where he successfully grew revenue and profit.  Through strategic development of sales, marketing, and design teams, he ensures that our clients (and their customers) not only get what they want, but also get what they need.

Our Mission

Fathom Forward develops products that make people's lives healthier, happier, and safer.  Designed and assembled in the USA, our products are thoroughly tested, highly secure, and continuously supported. 

What We Offer


Product Design

Using a systematic approach, we conceptualize and evaluate ideas, with the goal of turning them into tangible products and services. We combine art, science, and technology to create new products that enhance people's lives. 

Artificial Intelligence

Our development teams create solutions that harness intelligent agents which are programmed to perceive their environment and take actions that maximize their chance of achieving predetermined goals.

Machine Learning

Learning algorithms work on the basis that strategies, algorithms, and inferences that worked well in the past are likely to continue working well in the future.  We create systems that leverage data to improve performance on sets of tasks and integrate these enhancements into our products.


The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the integration of people, processes and technology.  We create connectable devices and sensors which enable remote monitoring, status, manipulation and evaluation of trends.

Planning & Consulting

Whether at the project level or enterprise level, our teams work to set strategic goals, determine actions to achieve the goals, set a timeline, and mobilize resources to execute the actions. 

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Our Address

2806 Reynolda Rd., MB 157

Winston Salem, NC


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